Yelena Leuchanka arrested at Belarus airport over protests

Photo Credit: FIBA

Basketball and international politics had one of its most notable interactions recently when the Boston Celtics’ Enes Kanter became an outspoken critic of the Turkish government. Turkey put out a warrant for his arrest, at one point he was unable to be in contact with his family and Ankara accused Kanter of being a terrorist sympathizer.

Another noteworthy basketball player now has drawn ire from her home country’s government.

Yelena Leuchanka, per reports, attempted to leave Belarus via Minsk airport to receive medical treatment. She was then detained and arrested.

Reports indicate that she had received a 15-day prison sentence after she took part in protests in opposition to its country’s “president” who was re-elected to a sixth term in office amid allegations of rigging ballots.

She is also an activist – part of the Free Association of Belarusian Athletes.

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