Chicago Sky’s Betnijah Laney expands into fashion

Photo Credit: Matthew Mills/Model Atelier

It is one thing to be a confident player on the basketball court. It is entirely another to maintain that confidence and allow it to translate away from the hardwood.

Enter the Chicago Sky’s Betnijah Laney. She has completed two seasons in the WNBA and this upcoming year will be her third. Her play on the court was enough to earn her a spot on the Sky’s roster after four years at Rutgers.

Recently, the Sky partnered with Chicago-based Model Atelier to become the team’s official boutique. In addition, Laney was named as Model Atelier’s official Brand Ambassador.

Laney recently did a photoshoot with Model Atelier, which targets taller women. In addition, she did an interview where she talked about her ability to maintain a sense of confidence both on and off the court.

She said that the fashion realm allows her to branch out into other areas that go beyond basketball.


I’m able to show people a little of who I am through my clothing. I have been interested in modeling since I was little. I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model, dreaming of being on the show and meeting Tyra Banks.


–Betnijah Laney

The fashion boutique says it is the first time such a partnership has been arrived at between one and a WNBA team. Laney felt that the Sky’s partnership with the fashion outfit would show a part of The W that is not always visible to fans and other onlookers and felt it would display how its athletes display confidence away from the court as well.

She also feels her platform can be used to inspire young girls.


I believe that if there is something anything you want to do you should do it. Never take no for an answer, there is nothing you can’t do when you believe in yourself. Always work hard for anything that you want.


–Betnijah Laney

By: Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum on Twitter, Instagram)