NBA 2k21 expands its slate of WNBA-related content

Photo Credit: NBA2K

After the last edition’s initial rollout of WNBA offerings in NBA 2K20, there will be even more W content coming our way for 2K21.

In a blog post, Felicia Steenhouse, 2K21’s senior producer announced that NBA 2K21 would include a franchise mode, a MyPlayer experience and a new 3v3 multiplayer online mode.

That online court looks somewhat…wubblish, doesn’t it?

Steenhouse mentioned that as soon as the 2K20 project was finished, work began on how to enhance the WNBA experience for 2K21 – including online leagues, GM elements, creating a league, and other features.

Another integral element to the updated 2K21 experience is the MyPlayer experience – which includes the life of a WNBA player on and off the court. It also includes the game-by-game progression of a MyPlayer, how that can translate to increased popularity for a MyPlayer via endorsements and fan engagement, increasing the league’s popularity as a whole, enhancing one’s financial being through off-court initiatives, developing chemistry with teammates,and living the life of a WNBA player away from the court.

These, as Steenhouse blogged about, could include an entrepreneur (such as Angel McCoughtry), global icons (ala Sue Bird or Diana Taurasi), influencers or fashion icons (ala Liz Cambage).

Want. Want. Want.