We Are The Resistance: A Letter From Our Editor

(*le sigh*)

I’ve wanted to write this letter to you all since November 9th–the day after the 45th President of the United States was elected. However, for some reason, I couldn’t quite articulate all of the emotions that I felt inside. Among those feelings were fear (terror actually), disgust, shock, and disappointment. As the weeks went on and we got closer and closer to Inauguration Day, I found myself feeling a new emotion–denial. I refused to even fathom the thought that my Uncle Barry and Aunt Michelle were forced to leave the most important house in our nation in the hands of …him. I refused to believe that many of my fellow citizens whom I love and respect (despite our different views) would elect a “leader” who has said and done so many unacceptable things into the world’s most important office. Unfortunately though, January 20th DID arrive, and I, too, sat at my desk at work shaking my head as the I watched him swear on the Bible to protect ALL of our freedoms, despite making it clear during his campaign that those of us who worship, love, look, learn, or speak differently than him are not worthy of said freedoms.

There are a few GREAT things that has come out of this debacle of an election season, with one of them taking place this weekend.

The Women’s March took place yesterday not only in our nation’s capitol of Washington D.C., but in cities around the world. From major metropolises like NYC, Paris, Los Angeles, and Melbourne, Australia, all the way to Chicago, Utah, Berlin, and the nation of Georgia, millions of women took to the streets to prove one point: we will not tolerate anything that goes against unity, equality, and humanity. We showed the world and the powers-that-be that we are ready to fight for our rights to choose, rights to equal pay, rights to an excellent education, and everything else in between. We proved to the rest of the world, particularly members of our new administration, that when tested, we respond. When one woman suffers, we all suffer, and we will do whatever is necessary to fight on each other’s behalf.

One of the main reasons why I started Beyond The W is for this very reason: I am my sister’s keeper. I will praise my sisters when no one else will. I will highlight their talents  and accomplishments when those who feel threatened by them attempt to downplay them. I will explore and shed light on the underlying societal and social stigmas that continue to dictate how much these gifted athletes earn compared to their male counterparts. I will dig deep into the complex and multifaceted layers of each of their lives rather than write them off as “complicated”. I will try in any way that I can to let the world know that these ladies are worthy of our support, loyalty, and interest regardless of their race, nationality, or sexuality.

We here at Beyond The W stand side-by-side with the millions of women (and men) around the world who choose love and inclusion over hate and hypocrisy. As one of our sister’s said today, “This is a marathon, not a sprint.”, and we are running alongside of you all.


Love and Light,